Safety & Health

Occupation Safety & Health

2020 shows two occupational accidents without gravity.

In terms of non-occupational accidents, seven accidents were recorded.

Specific training was carried out in 2020 to reduce non-occupational accidents.

The graph below illustrates the number of occupational accidents reported at Gaznat in recent years.


Number of reported cases


It is only a matter of minor accidents, each case of which is evaluated separately by Gaznat; measures are systematically taken to reduce the probability of occurrence and thus further strengthen the protection of employees.


EN - Parties du corps blessées

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

Faced with an unprecedented public health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of work has changed dramatically and new indicators have emerged in 2020.

Slightly more than 800 hours of training were followed by Gaznat employees, which equates to 97 days for a staff of 59 people.

The COVID-19 pandemic had strong impacts on the world of work with new practices and procedures adopted to mitigate the spread of the virus: about forty people working from home for almost 12'000 hours, 850 hours (100 days) were counted for quarantine requested by the authorities and as a preventive measure for about ten people.

Finally, 6 cases of infection had to be treated without any serious consequences or requiring hospitalization.

Gaznat employees are regularly informed through a newsletter set up since the beginning of the crisis, with a summary of the measures to apply. Gaznat provides employees who wish so with protective equipment such as masks and disinfectant wipes. A stock of cleaning material is also available in the premises and constantly checked.

Environmental safety

From the point of view of environmental safety, no significant event occurred during the year 2020 under review concerning the operation of Gaznat natural gas infrastructures.

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