Gaznat's shareholding is made up of distribution companies that depend on public or private entities located in French-speaking Switzerland.


Swissgas AG

Business representing the interests of the Swiss gas industry abroad and gas supply for Switzerland.

Other shareholders EGO, GVM, EGZ, ASIG

Unigaz AG

BusinessInterconnecting Swiss transportation and distribution networks serving the Swiss Plateau and western Switzerland.

Other shareholders GVM

Fingaz AG

Businessfinancing the Franco-Swiss gas pipeline between Etrez (F) – La Cure (VD) – Gland (VD), linked to the Etrez underground storage facility.

Other shareholders ENGIE

Petrosvibri AG

Businessexploring for and operating hydrocarbon fields in Switzerland.

Other shareholders Holdigaz


Businessbuilding and operating optical-fibre networks running alongside gas pipelines.

Other shareholders EGO, GVM

Gazmobile AG

Businesspromoting natural-gas fuel for vehicles.

Other key shareholders EGO, GVM, EGZ, AIL

Swiss Gas Invest AG

Businessacquiring, owning, administering and disposing of equity holdings in all categories of companies operating in the natural gas industry.

Other key shareholders Holdigaz, EGO, Swissgas, GAS&COM, Groupe E Celsius

SET Swiss Energy Trading SA

BusinessDevelopment of energy trading, in particular natural gas trading.

Other shareholders EGZ, GVM

Our holdings through swissgas 

Transitgas AG
51% Swissgas
46% FluxSwiss
3% Uniper

FluxSwiss SA
4,9% Swissgas
50,65% Fluxys
36,56% CSEIP
7,89% Swiss Gas Invest

SSEAG Aktiengesellschaft für schweizerisches Erdöl SA
10% Swissgas

Swissgas Speicher AG
100% Swissgas