Environmental Safety

Gaznat cares for the environment at all times

Our company cares for the environment every day and is committed to the following actions:

Safety is of paramount importance when working with gas. Our safety measures are based on the directives of the Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (IFP) and the Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association (SSIGE), as well as Gaznat’s internal safety regulations.

A damage control exercise is conducted each year. This enables the emergency teams to improve their performance regularly.

Gas pipeline safety

In addition to the exterior insulating cladding, active cathodic protection is used to ensure that steel gas pipelines do not corrode.

Furthermore, an internal check is conducted every ten years to monitor the gas pipelines for damage. Smart pigs are used to record dents or irregularities in thickness.

Smart pig used to check gas pipelines

Odorising gas

Since gas is an odourless substance, an odorant is added to help reveal leaks, so the presence of gas can be detected well before it reaches dangerous levels. If a smell of gas is detected, the operator of the installation concerned must be contacted immediately.

The presence of a gas pipeline is identified by marker posts carrying an emergency telephone number and identification code.